Trust with Confidence, Listen with Attention

This year, the Philippines undeniably underwent difficult situations brought by the pandemic, typhoons and calamities right from the beginning of the year up to the last quarter. It profoundly affected our lives. As a seminarian undergoing priestly formation, I am no exception.

Normally, it is very ordinary for me to experience calamities like volcanic eruptions and typhoons since I was raised in Bicol. Somehow, it trained me to remain calm emotionally and look forward to whatever disaster comes with resilience. 

Now is different. It is a test of my emotional stability since I am far away from my family. Honestly, I was worried when I have heard that there were typhoons that would hit Albay. All I could do was to implore God to spare them. 

It is in this time when I recognize once again how faith works, how He works. I recognize how everything is out of my control, but God is. What God reminded me in those times of distress was to trust Him even if it was perplexing sometimes. There will always be a sense of calm if I rely in faith. It is all that I need and all that I can offer God. It is up to His mercy and compassion.

To be in the service of the community is one of our duties. The pandemic did not stop us to support those who were afflicted. We responded to the plight of those affected by the typhoon through our personal donations in cash and in our masses and prayers. Helping those in need in whatever way we can is a meaningful way of serving God.

Sem. Gilbert Cañete is in his first year of seminary formation. Sem. Gil was a teacher and a pastoral worker in the Diocese of Legazpi prior to his entrance to the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary.

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