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In order to be a follower of Jesus, one must take his cross and follow Him. The Gospel also tells us that we must leave all our earthly possessions, friends and even our own family to be a true follower of Christ. Following Him is the greatest honor of all as a believer. How wonderful it is to serve God and be called “Friend of God.”

But sometimes trials will come and will try to discourage us in following Him. “Am I enough to serve God?” “Am I worthy to even preach the word of God?” “Am I ready to give up everything to heed the call?” These are the questions that keep bugging me whenever I come across this Gospel. These dark clouds of thoughts keep on bringing heavy rains in my heart which try to extinguish the burning desire to follow Christ. But the call of God is too great that He tells me “my love is bigger than all your anxieties and doubt.” When my problems silenced me, I can hear a small voice that keeps on telling me “Give me your sins, son. And just keep on following me.”

As a priest-in-process, I will continue to give myself to the formation. There are time that problems, criticisms will hold me down, I will always go back why I enter the seminary in the first place, it is because of my love for God. I will focus not on the people that criticizes me but on the one who called. I will let God control my life as a sign of my great love for Him. I will let God take care of my family and friends knowing that He loves them more than I could ever love them. I will always say “Yes” to the Lord every day and will follow Him until my last breath.

By: Sem. John Patrick C. Gamao

Today’s Gospel

Luke 14:24-33

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