Hashtag: Feeling Blessed

I often see posts on social media of people expressing their gratitude for the blessings they have received, such as a new car, a house, new gadget, an increase in their salary, and many other achievements. They would usually have the hashtag “#feelingblessed” and followed by floods of positive comments and likes from other people.

When I was still looking for a job, I always felt envious of some of my friends who were already established in their careers, those who have already achieved much, and those who already have a family of their own. I often thought that they were more blessed than I because they already have so many things that I still do not have. This led me to think that earning more, acquiring more wealth, and having many achievements in life are what define “being blessed by God.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus proclaims that those who are blessed are the people who hear the word of God and observe it. Jesus is inviting us to listen to His word and follow it and therefore be truly blessed. This reminds me of the true meaning of being blessed, that is, to live and put into action the word of God. The Gospel challenges me that like Mary, his mother, who is the perfect example of being blessed by God, I need to be open to the will of God and have the humility to obey His words. It made me realize that God’s blessings are not about a matter of success, achievements, and possessions but it is how we live the word of God in our daily life.

By: Sem. Ericson Austria

Today’s Gospel

October 8, 2022

While Jesus was speaking,
a woman from the crowd called out and said to him,
“Blessed is the womb that carried you
and the breasts at which you nursed.”
He replied, “Rather, blessed are those
who hear the word of God and observe it.”

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