The year 1985 saw the beginning of the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary. HASS was a product of the discernment of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin as he read the signs of the times and recognized the mushrooming of vocations among young professionals. 17 were initially accepted to undergo the program of formation designed by Rev. Fr. Benjamin B. Carlos, S.J.

The first five years lay down the groundwork and foundation on what will later on be the pillars of the HASS Formation. The vision began to take shape – discerning the identity: a new breed of Filipino diocesan clergy called late in life, who are Christ-like, Eucharistic and Marian, holy and prayerful, integrated and committed, faithful and fraternal, sensitive to the signs of the times and fully dedicated to the mission of fostering the growth of the people of God entrusted to them.

In 1990, the first batch of candidates were ordained to the priesthood. As the years progressed, the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary has welcomed men of various profession such as doctors, teachers, lawyers, accountants, businessmen, engineers, dentists, managers and others in the formation program. Fr. Mylo became the Rector in 1994-2001, succeeding Bishop Jesse Mercado (1988-1994), who succeeded Fr. Ben (1986-1988) and Archbishop Ramon Arguelles (1985-1986).

The year 2005 brings on a new dawn. It began with the gift of Episcopal Ordination to His Excellency Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, D.D., who was appointed as local ordinary of the Diocese of San Jose in Nueva Ecija. Bishop Mylo is currently the local ordinary of the Diocese of Pasig. Finally, the vision of Cardinal Sin was confirmed and the program designed by Fr. Ben was proven effective.

The succeeding years continue with a new ray of hope. In 2019, two alumni priests who also served as Rector of the Holy Apostles Senior Seminary were appointed as bishops. Most Rev. Roberto O. Gaa, D.D. (HASS Rector from 2008-2019), is currently the Bishop of the Diocese of Novaliches, and Most Rev. Jose Alan V. Dialogo, D.D. (HASS Rector from 2003-2008), is now the Bishop of the Diocese of Sorsogon. HASS faces another year, and even in the midst of the pandemic, seminarians and alumni priests still respond to the signs of the times, embracing the Paschal Mystery as the heart of priestly life and ministry, with great hopes, knowing that God is with us and Mary, Queen and Mother of Apostles, is praying for us.


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Holy Apostles Senior Seminary

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