Pillars of Formation

Community Life

HASS Formation program fosters a camaraderie founded in love and forms the humanity of the “called” in freedom and truth. It is a life of communion lived out in a fellowship of disciples who are “earthen vessels” witnessing to God’s command to “love one another as I have loved you.”

Academic Life

Academic formation is viewed as an essential component in the life of a senior seminarian. The intellectual undertaking is an opportunity to grow in wisdom and to mature in the quest for Truth. It is not always the one with the highest grades who leaves a better mark in life but the one who searches the Truth and lives in Wisdom.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual integration is the heart of HASS Formation Program. An intense relationship with Christ in prayer is nurtured and lived out individually and as a community. Inspired by Mary’s “fiat”, the senior seminarian embodies Christ’s Paschal Mystery in a life of total surrender to God’s will, that he may be like Christ in the Eucharist: blessed, broken, and shared.

Apostolate Integration

During the entire formation process, the senior seminarian is given a taste of the ministry of presence. The experience of being with the people of God (listening to them, talking with them, and living with them) enables us to accompany God’s people in the journey of faith, hope, and love.

Each of the pillars of formation is aimed at transforming or assimilating the heart of a senior seminarian in the image of the heart of Christ. Human formation, being the foundation of all priestly formation, promotes the integral growth of the person and allows the integration of all its dimensions. (Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis Sacerdotalis, # 94)


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